And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

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The prime focus of the National Council on Ageing is to advocate for the changes that are necessary in Belizean society that will improve the quality of life for older people now and for future generations. Learn more about NCA...

Population Ageing is a worldwide challenge but more so to developing countries like Belize where people are living longer but not necessarily with a good quality life.

Life expectancy has risen quite considerably and Belize is faced with the prospect of its older population trebling by the year 2050. Ageing statistics...

The NCA therefore acknowledges the vital importance of developing programmes that raise awareness of the whole issue of ageing, not only to improve access to better benefits and services to older persons now, but also by emphasising the importance of planning for older age by the younger members of society in order to safeguard their interests when they reach an age when it will become necessary for them to live and maintain a healthy and active life.

The NCA also works to safeguard the human rights of older persons. Poverty, social exclusion and discriminatory attitudes towards old age, or ageism, violates the human rights of older people. Ageing is both a universal and a personal experience so the rights and principles that are accepted or denied today are the rights, now and in the future. Ageing resources...



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